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Company Milestone

pt gasi, Accounting Payroll,Accounting Payroll Provider, Advance Payroll Service, Automated Payroll Calculation, Automated Payroll Service,  jakarta indonesiaWe were founded in 1986 as a partner and supplier to IBM. Since then we have developed and become a business consultants for various companies within our region. Ever since 2003, we have continued to grow both in capability and specificity towards the payroll service industry.

In 2010 we have re-organized our vision and mission to becoming specialized almost exclusively in the payroll service industry. We are now one of the leading companies in Indonesia within the payroll service sector, and we have also been recognized internationally.

GASI will effectively and efficiently finalize your payroll operation and give specific guidance to your companies’ unique set of needs. We have the ability and experience to serve nation-wide, but we have the commitment to be tailored made just for you.
pt gasi payroll system slip gaji jakarta indonesia


  • 1987 — IBM Performing Value Added Re-Marketer
  • 1988 — IBM Asia Pacific Best Performer
  • 1998 — IBM Tiger of the Year
  • 1989 — IBM Winners Circle Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • 1990 — IBM Winners Circle Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • 1994 — IBM Outstanding Performance Leader in New Markets Penetration
  • 1994 — IBM Winner Circle Award
  • 1995 — IBM ASEAN/SA Business Partner Award
  • 1997 — IBM Winner Circle Award
  • 1998 — IBM Best Satisfaction Award
  • 1999 — IBM ASEAN SOUTH ASIA Dream Team Award
  • 1999/2000 — A Certificate of Honor Present in Recognition and Appreciation of IBM RS/6000 & SSD Sales Achievement
  • 2001 — IBM Authorized Training Partner (until Year 2014)
  • 2002 — GASI Payroll Services
  • 2003 — 1st Payroll Services Customer
  • 2014 — 37 Payroll Service Customer
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