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“AS/400 Advanced Topics for RPG IV Programmers”
Course Code : GSRG7

♦     Course Objective

This course is designed to teach the experienced RPG IV programmer how to develop AS/400 applications that are modular, easy to maintain and well performing. This class discusses advanced function printing, subfiles, GUI-like window based displays, ILE, and other tools and techniques.

Some of these tools will enhance the function of the application. Others will make the programmer more productive. Also discussed are advanced functions and new features of the RPG IV language including subprocedures, pointers and date/time support.

After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Create applications that incorporate Inquiry/Update subfiles, windowed screens, Commitment

Control, Referential Integrity and Triggers, and printed output with raphics.

  • Create applications that incorporate functions including BIFs, subprocedures, pointers, user spaces, APIs, and Date/Time.
  • Create applications that are modular, reduce maintenance, reuse existing code, and per-form efficiently using RPG IV and the ILE framework.

♦     Course Pre-Requisite


♦     Course Program Contents

  • Display Files
  • Subfiles
  • Error Handling
  • Data Base
  • Date and Time Processing
  • Modular Programming Using ILE
  • Advanced Functions
  • Printing
  • Program Maintenance Tools

♦     Course Method

This training program is designed to provide participants with an interactive learning experience. As the word implies, this course does more than just provide a lecture. Instead, participants will actively involved in the operation of the AS / 400. In addition, participants will be called on to test participants

knowledge by answering some short quizzes. Participants will also perform some Hands On exercises.

♦     Course Duration

5 Days


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