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Course Code : GSDB2SQL


This course is designed to provide comprehensive practical training in System Operations, utilizing Control Language commands and menus. In addition to job skills, this course will provide a basic understanding of the AS / 400 that will advance the student’s learning curve in other areas.


Students taking this course should have completed the following GASI AS / 400 courses or have equivalent experiences  


⇒    Introduction

  • Error Message
  • Work with Support Contact Information
  • Working with the Problem Log
  • Working with Problems
    • Preparing and Reporting a Problem
    • Analyzing Problems
    • Deleting Problems
  • System Problems
    • Analyzing Problems with a System Reference
    • Code  (SRC)
    • Analyzing Problems without a System
    • Reference Code

⇒    Files

  • Device File
  • Overrides
  • Data Base Files
    • Physical Files
    • Keyed Sequence
    • Logical Files
    • Members
    • RGZPFM  (Reorganize Physical File Member)
    • CPYF
    • Record Locks
  • Journaling and Journal Management
    • Saving a Journal Receiver
    • Changing Journal Receivers
    • Deleting Old Journal Receivers

⇒    Program Temporary Fixes  (PTFs)

  • Ordering PTFs
  • Loading PTFs
  • Applying PTFs
  • Removing PTFs
  • Displaying PTFs Status
  • Distributing PTFs to Remote System
  • Using the History Log to Review PTFs Activity

⇒    Copy Screen Images

  • Start Copy Screen
  • End Copy Screen
  • User Profiles
  • Object Security

⇒    Object Owner

  • Grant Object Authority  (GRTOBJAUT)
  • Authorization List

⇒    Save Strategies

⇒    System Security

  • Reclaiming Storage  (RCLSSTG)
  • Print Rack Configuration List  (WRKHDWPRD)
  • History Logs
  • System Value Definitions


This training program is designed to provide participants with an interactive learning experience. As the word implies, this course dose more than just provide a lecture. Instead, participants will actively involved  in the operation of the AS / 400. In addition, participants will be called on to test participants

knowledge by answering some short quizzes. Participants  will also perform some Hands On exercises.


3 Days

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