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Our Advanced Microsoft Excel training will really show you how to make Microsoft Excel work for you. The course is aimed at fairly experienced Microsoft Excel users whom need to learn more Complex Functions, Dashboards, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Goal Seek, Data Manipulation and Protect Data using the Security Features. We also teach you how to develop these advanced solutions on the worksheet and to assemble the proper Microsoft Excel tools in ways you have never thought of before.


Students taking this course should have completed the following GASI Microsoft Excel  courses or have equivalent:

  • Microsoft Excel – Beginner Level
  • Microsoft Excel – Intermediate Level


⇒    Outlining Worksheets

  • Using Outlines
  • Applying and Removing Outlines

⇒    Consolidating Worksheets

Consolidating Data

⇒    Working with Charts

  • Creating Worksheet Charts
    • Creating Charts
    • Selecting Charts and Charts Elements
    • Moving and Resizing Charts
    • Changing the Chart Type
    • Changing the Data Range
    • Switching Column and Row Data
    • Choosing a Chart Layout and Style
    • Printing Charts
    • Deleting Charts
  • Editing and Formatting Charts
    • Formatting Chart Objects
    • Inserting Object into a Chart
    • Changing Chart Label, Axes Display, and Chart Background
    • Applying Chart Analysis Lines
    • Naming Charts
    • Applying Shape Style to Chart Elements
    • Applying WordArt Styles to Chart Elements
    • Saving Custom Chart Templates

⇒    Working with Pivot Tables

  • Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Manipulating a Pivot Table
  • Changing Calculated Value Fields
  • Applying Pivot Table Styles
  • Creating a Pivot Chart
  • Setting Pivot Table Options
  • Sorting and Filtering Pivot Table Data

⇒    Using What IF Analysis

  • Using Data Table
  • Using Scenario Manager
  • Using Goal Seek

⇒    Table Related Functions

  • Using OR, AND, SEARCH, INDEX, and MATCH Functions
  • Various Method and uses of IF Conditions
  • Creation of Multiple IF Conditions in one Cell
  • Use IF Conditions with the other Advanced Functions
  • Use nested IF Statements in Microsoft Excel with AND, OR Functions

⇒    Security Features

  • Unlocking Cells
  • Worksheet Protection
  • Workbook Protection
  • Password Protecting Microsoft Excel Files

⇒    Making Macros

  • Recording Macros
  • Running and Deleting Recorded Macros
  • Viewing and Editing Macro VBA Codes
  • The Personal Macro Workbook


This training program is designed to provide participants with an interactive learning experience. As the word implies, this course does more than just provide a lecture. Instead, participants will actively involved in the operation of Microsoft Excel. In addition, participants will be called on to test participants knowledge by answering some short quizzes. Participants will also perform some Hands-on exercises.


Two (2) days

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