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Payroll Security and Confidentiality

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Here at GASI, we have come to an understanding that the security and confidentiality of your payroll data is at your highest concern. That is why an airtight security and confidentiality procedure is implicated from the very second data enters through our doors, all through out its processing, and in its communication back to you.

By design, we have set-up a secured server access which requires restricted authorization for any designated GASI staff to access any information related to your payroll data. Each client’s data and information will have multiple passwords to provide full assurance of data protection and privacy. Additional to all this, our data security procedures are consistently being revised, updated, and improved so for GASI to provide you with the ultimate service and technology possible.

Our clients will have the privilege of access to these on-going improvements on our security and confidentiality procedure as they are undertaken.

Our security systems cover:

  • A pre employment status agreement (PES)
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Multiple passwords for each client data
  • The provision of our prohibitory data Payroll System
  • On-going security assessment and renewal
  • Secure data communication with password protection
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